Colorful for All in Colorful Colorado

Colorful for All in Colorful Colorado Many Coloradoans are seeking opportunities to engage with American history in our backyard. Even the smallest Colorado communities transformed the struggle for equality. Historic [...]

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Spring in Lake City

Spring in Lake City Spring in the San Juan Mountains is not easily described. Each spring, late snows melt, and the mountains explode with life. One day, the cloak of [...]

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Summer in Lake City

Summer in Lake City Summer Guarantees a Peak Experience for Everyone. Each summer in Lake City, wildflowers color every view, daylight adventures continue into the late evening, night skies shine [...]

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Autumn in Lake City

Autumn in Lake City Autumn is Perhaps the Most Beautiful Time to Visit Lake City. In One Word... GOLDEN. As if knowing winter is near with all its icy air [...]

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Winter in Lake City

Winter in Lake City Winter glistens like nowhere else in this high country wonderland. A mantle of white only makes the secret treasures of Hinsdale County and the town of [...]

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Historic Cemeteries

Historic Cemeteries City Cemetery The City Cemetery, sometime known as the lower or old cemetery, came into existence in 1876. It is located on Cemetery Hill to the north of [...]

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Hidden Lake City: Outbuildings

Hidden Lake City: Outbuildings Tucked along the alleys behind Lake City's historic houses are relics from an earlier style of life.  Almost all material goods were shipped into Lake City, [...]

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Historic Tourist Cabins & Lodging

Historic Tourist Cabins & Lodging In the 1930s and 1940s, when improved roads allowed visitors to come by automobile, several "motor court" style cabins were built to meet a new [...]

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Restaurants, businesses, lodging, camping and more are now open with state-approved COVID-19 safety measures in place.

As the most remote town in the lower 48, we offer an ideal place to get away and be safe. Business situations change frequently, so we recommend calling ahead.